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With the combined power of the world’s #1 builder of emerging, junior technology talent — General Assembly — and the #2 largest recruitment solutions firm in the US — LHH — clients have the promise of a full technology talent solution.

What is Recruit-Train-Deploy?


We look outside the limited university graduate talent pool for new-to-tech learners, with the right soft skills, from diverse backgrounds.


Talent comes to you with the job-ready education taught by our industry experts. Our training is absolute best in class.


We deploy talent on a contract basis with the support of a team lead and coach to optimize performance and retention. Clients have the option to hire talent as full-time employees.

What are the features and benefits?


  • A reliable supply of junior tech talent
  • A wider, more inclusive talent pool
  • Flexible, contingent approach to talent acquisition
  • Talent has access to additional training opportunities and receives a comprehensive benefits package


  • Fully staffed teams who consistently deliver
  • Greater diversity within your teams
  • Low-risk fulfillment, expedited and simplified onboarding
  • Improved retention, team morale and engagement